Bundle of rights

Like the meaning of the word “bundle” indicates – something that is mixed up, complicated and tangled.

Bundle of rights

Hands-supporting-propertyThis term is usually used in real estate branch and explains how some property can be used in the same time by the multiple owners. Professors use this term to describemeans about confusing and opposed situations that occur in real estate. You can know about real estate attorney atlanta here.

Bundle of rights include:

1.Entitlement of possession – whoever holds the title is the owner of the property

2.Entitlement of control – within the boundaries of the law, the owner is the one who controls the property and its use.

3.Entitlement of exclusion – the owner can decide who can enter the property, or he can restrict the usage of the property.

4.Entitlement of disposition – whoever holds the title, in this case the owner, he can sell, rent or transfer the ownership or use property like he decides to.


Possession of the land is much more complicated than just gathering all the right to it. You can imagine bundle of rights like bundle of pieces, where each piece represents separate right, when those are combine together they made bundle of rights. Any owner has the right on the property and use those pieces that are directly connected to the land.

In common law, we can find strongly established this term but its ideas are also in civil and religious systems as well. Horizontal structure of the state form national to municipal strongly effects on what property owner can do with his land in the meaning ofstructural development.

Bundle or rights – suggests that the rights are inherited together with the property. The right to use, sell, to use mortgage, to rent, to give it away and to enter. Or the right to decline every right that is indicated and this creates some restrictions. You can always contact Orange County Trust Lawyer for more advice.